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Are you a tutor looking for a web designer?

Get up and running fast with a professionally designed, modern website that caters for you and your business perfectly. GroovyTutor provides tutors with specially made, amazing looking websites. Scroll down to see all the tutorrific functionalities you can soon enjoy with your students!

Let's Get Real.

We Create Unique Websites for Busy Tutors That Will Help Your Business Grow

That is our promise. That is our aim.

GroovyTutor started off as a gift for a web designer’s wife. Soon realizing that many other tutors out there needed specialized websites, GroovyTutor was born to help give tutors what they need in a website for a very reasonable price.

We Solve Real Tutor Problems

Made for Tutors.

Look professional and amazing with your own website which you can use to advertise your services, make bookings, receive payments and much more! Here’s a list of functions and services included. More will be added when needed.

Custom Web Design

We’ll design a website for you that reflects your unique personality and style!

Online Bookings

You or your students can book a class right from the comfort of your computer or phone!

Receive Payments

Get paid while sitting at your desk. Get paid via PayPal or Stripe integrations.

Social Media Addons

Include your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever streams & shares!

Testimonials / Reviews

Ask your student or parent to leave you a shiny new review as proof of your hard work!

Profile Credentials

Easily display your ratings, scores or skill levels from your other tutoring platforms

Questionnaire Forms

Set up your forms as you please. Make polls, set quizzes, make contact forms and more!

Easy-to-manage CMS

Built in WordPress, your website will be easy to use, enabling you to edit all texts and images.

Free Chatbot!

Chatbots can be automated to receive user's details while you're out and about or busy. Useful!

Fully Responsive

Your website will look and work great on all devices!

Quick Help & Support

Let us know if you run into any troubles with your website and we’ll be right on it!

Multilingual Support

Perfect for you Language Tutors out there!

Optional Hosting & Maintenance

Fast, safe and secure hosting will keep your website up and running 24/7 (* $15 extra)

Basic SEO Included

We’ll help you get noticed by Google and others with basic front-end techniques.

Domain Name Assist

We’ll help you get the perfect domain name for your business and for SEO.

Pricing you can Afford

We understand that you’re a one-person business. That’s why we have streamlined our processes to give you a great looking website in a minimal amount of time for one terrific price.

US$399 (€360 / £305)

Your tutor site will include all these features:

If you would like to include Hosting and Maintenance, then just add an extra $15 per month. Just let us know when you make your order!

Frequently Asked Questions

You are paying for hosting fees (typically around $5 per month for basic websites), a professional booking system, regular backups, plugin updates, WordPress core updates, technical support if anything goes wrong – and over time, you are paying for the website itself. The monthly charge enables you to simply ‘set it and forget it’ as we will take care of your website’s maintenance and leave you to do your thing!

Yes indeed. You will be able to edit the texts and change / edit / remove images within the content, plus you will be able to schedule bookings, create an area for your students to download files and more.

In our experience, most websites have a lifespan of 2-3 years before they are redesigned to keep up with current trends or to revitalize the content or any other reason. If you would like to redesign or revitalize your website after any amount of time there will be additional charges made on a case-by-case basis. So if and when you feel like a change, please get in touch!

Absolutely. We will provide video demonstrations to show you how easily it can all be done.

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